Saturday, September 3, 2011

Firmware upgrade failed Android phone Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670 (2.2.1 -> 2.3.x)

I was excited today when Samsung Kies offered firmware upgrade for my Android phone Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670. This happened many months after buying the phone and similar upgrades were reportedly being offered in Europe since May 2011. Too bad, after following all the instructions, having new firmware downloaded for about half an hour and 'driver installed' message, this idiot Kies declares that upgrade failed. The phone had yellow logo depicting a worker with spade and written underneath 'Downloading...'. What a disappointment.

I tried upgrading on another Windows PC that does not have similar paranoid security software that may have prevented previous attempt. Kies does not offer the upgrade anymore :-(

The only positive aspect is that 'Emergency firmware restore' worked and my phone is restored to the last known working version. All data and apps intact.

Anyone else out there who experienced similar?


  1. Same here. I agreed with this fellow as i experienced today with the upgrading my device.
    I've no idea to solve the problem. Please help us.

  2. I'm waiting since 2 hours to download the upgrade but it seems to me that the percentage of download zero !!!
    I'm afraid to take the cable off and damage my mobile
    what can I do ??

  3. I faced same problem but now I can't even recover the previous firmware. X-)
    How did your recovery work?

  4. same here.. any update on this? how do i do the Emergency firmware restore ??