Sunday, May 1, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Fit - WiFi issue (solved)

After a few days of using my new Android based phone, I noticed that WiFi would not turn on. It appeared occurring randomly. And the only way to get it to work was power off the phone and turn it back on. Going into flight mode (turn off all radios) and back did not help. Careful observation suggests that it has to with reclaiming the RAM using the following sequence of steps:
Task Manager -> RAM tab -> Clear memory button

The phone warns about gracefully closing applications before doing that. However I did not think it would affect WiFi, like it never affected the ability to connect to 3G or make a voice call. This may be an implementation issue in the Samsung phone I use. After I stopped clearing the used memory, the issue has not recurred.

Before coming up with this observation I also reported the issue to Samsung tech support on phone. As expected, initially the tech support started doubting trivial things without even completely understanding my issue. They promised to get back and I'm yet to hear (4 days and counting)...

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  1. Dear readers, please let me know if this workaround or prevention helped solve WiFi issues on your Samsung Galaxy Fit. I would like to hear from you.
    Heard Samsung has started rolling out Android 2.3 upgrade for this phone in Europe via their Kies desktop sync software. I'm eagerly awaiting... So, again, let me know if you get your phone upgraded.